From Everything to Nothing: Billy Burns

Billy Burns isn’t the most well known player in baseball. In 2015, he was. But now, no one remembers him. Except me. I was 7 in the summer of 2015. I was just starting to love baseball, and I could tell you about every big player. I liked both the Cubs and Sox, but I was primarily a Sox fan. I don’t remember too much about that summer. But there was one thing I do remember. His name is Billy Burns. I would read the Chicago Tribune Sports Section, and included was a one page baseball section. There was box scores, news, standings, pitching matchups, and league leaders. I loved the league leaders section, and I would always look if my favorite player, Adam Eaton, was in the AVG leaders. He nev

Why Michael Lorenzen Should be your Favorite Player

Baseball is very interesting. In fact so interesting that a pitcher can be the best power hitter in the MLB. Well, in 2018 he was. Meet Michael Lorenzen, my favorite weird player. By the end of this article I will explain why he was the best power hitter in baseball, he is the best player in baseball, and why you should be a fan of his. But first, let’s meet him. Michael Lorenzen was born on January 4, 1992 in Anaheim California. While most didn’t know it at the time, your favorite player was born. And no, I am not talking about Kris Bryant who was also born that day. He went to Fullerton Union HS, and I also found out that Walter Johnson went there too, as well as Arky Vaughn. They’ve had a

The White Sox 12/19 Roster Update W/ Bonus

This is a preview of the Sox’s roster for the upcoming year. There will be scouting reports for the new players within the next week. Batters: Jose Abreu Nick Madrigal Tim Anderson Yoan Moncada Ryan Cordell Eloy Jimenez Leury Garcia Nomar Mazara Luis Robert Pitching: Lucas Giolito Gio Gonzalez Reynaldo Lopez Dylan Cease ? Relief Pitching: Alex Colome Aaron Bummer Jace Fry Kelvin Herrera Evan Marshall Is Hyun-Jin Ryu A Possibility? Hyun-Jin Ryu is a star, and he could sign with the Sox. The former Dodgers pitcher went 14-5 last year with a 2.32 ERA. He pitched in 29 games, all of which he started. He has incredible control, and he is so talented. Scott Boras is Ryu’s agent, and he doesn’t hav

Top 3 of the Greatest Plays of ALL TIME!

Top 3 Ranking of Greatest Plays of ALL TIME 3. The Shot Heard ‘Round the World Overview: And what a great play it was. The reason that it isn’t higher is that the team didn’t go on to win the World Series because of it, and a scandal surfaced 50 years later. It was claimed that the Giants had used a camera to steal signs, much like the Astros did. Claim to be Number 1: The Giants were as many as 13 games back, and they were 3 runs down in the bottom of the ninth! And then a walk off on the first nationally televised game. Fun Fact: Willie Mays was on deck. 2. The Catch Overview: Willie Mays clearly made the greatest catch of all time, and he made it with such a magnificent throw! The reason

A Retrospective of The Shot Heard 'Round the World

Note: We are talking baseball. It’s October 3, 1951. It’s a game between the Dodgers and the New York Giants. We’re in Game 3 of a 3 game playoff. Bobby Thompson comes up to the plate. It’s a 0-1 count. Bobby Thompson swings, and well, you know what will happen next. But the part this makes this play special didn’t happen before the play, but rather after it. It’s 1950. The Giants have just come off of an 86 win season, but that was a huge improvement over the disaster that 1949 was. The Giants finished just 73-81, and Bobby Thompson was the biggest contributor that year (.309 AVG, played in all 156 games). Now let’s go back to 1951. Bobby Thompson hit .293 with 32 home runs, and he was an e

A Retrospective of Babe Ruth's Called Shot

It’s October 1, 1932. We’re at Wrigley Field, Chicago. The count is 2-2 in a Yankees vs Cubs World Series. It’s Game 3 with the series being led by the Yankees 2-0. Babe Ruth, the batter at the plate, pointed in the CF area, and you know what will happen next. But everything that made this moment special, were the moments that led up to it. Let’s start with the Cubs. It’s 1930. The Cubs have finished 90-64, good for 2nd place in the National League. They were only 2 games out of making the World Series. Most predicted that the Cubs would make the World Series in 1931, but that didn’t happen. Instead the Cubs winded up 84-70, far from ordeal for them. It was angering to see their stats, and t

A Retrospective of "The Catch"

It’s September 29, 1954. We’re at the Polo Grounds in upper Manhattan, New York City. It’s Game 1 of the 1954 World Series, and it’s in the top of the 8th inning. The New York Giants are playing the Cleveland Indians. The score is tied 2-2. Larry Doby is on second base, and Al Rosen is on first. The count is 2-1. Vic Wertz is at the plate. Most people know what happens next, but most don’t know what led up to it. And for everything that made what led up to it special, it deserves a look back in time. It’s the end of the 1953 season. The Yankees have continued their dynasty by beating the Brooklyn Dodgers 4-2 in the World Series. This would come as a surprise to most, as the Dodgers were a be

Judging the Offseason Moves

Anthony Rendon to the Angels Move: Anthony Rendon signed to a 7 year, $245 million contract. Rendon hit .319 with 34 home runs and a league leading 126 RBIs. He was with the Nationals for all of his career until now. Good/Bad: Good Move Why: Rendon is a superstar. He led the league with 126 RBIs, and he had a .319 AVG! He adds a rare combo of power to average. Bryce Harper signed for $330 million, and he is a much, much worse player than Rendon. Great move! Blake Treinen to Dodgers Move: Blake Treinen signed with the Dodgers for 1 year, $10 million. Treinen went 6-5 last year with 16 saves in 57 games played. This is his third major league team. Good/Bad Move: Bad Why: Although Treinen seems

The Cubs Decision and Preview

The Cubs have decided what 2020, and likely the future, will hold. Down below I will break it down, analyze it, and preview what 2020 and the future will hold. As I stated in The Cubs: Rebuild or Reload, I think, or used to think, for that matter, that the Cubs should build up from the ground. Now I have perspective on the matter, something that I didn’t before. The Cubs have decided on a mix between rebuilding and reloading, and they are still waiting for the decision on something I call the Bryant Trials. Kris Bryant is a major star, a fan favorite, and in only his second year he won the NL MVP. In his first year, he was 11th in the MVP voting, he won Rookie of the Year, and he was an All-

My Plans for the Website Going Forward

I see a lot of visions for this website going forward, but now I am going to start balancing out with articles and advanced scouting reports. So, for example, if you were to watch the game on TV, what to watch out of players, and ask yourself the questions that are provided. Sort of like a do-it-at-home-scout-guide. I have found that I will never get the news out first, as I have no reporters. So I am going to turn my focus to analysis and scouting. Due to this change, I might not post anything for a while, but I will give access to my spreadsheet (every player’s stats). Thank you.

The Blackout Game: A Retrospective

The date is September 30, 2008. There’s one MLB game on, and there only needs to be one. This one is good enough. It’s late at night, and the location is in Chicago, Illinois at 35th street and Shields. It’s the top of the fifth, a 0-0 score, a 2-2 count with 1 out and a runner on third. That runner happened to be Michael Cudyer. Cudyer had only played in 71 games that year, and it amounted to a .249 AVG. He would have a 15 year career, but this was possibly the worst year of his career. So how did he get on? Cudyer hit a double, only his fourth of the year. Delmon Young was next up, and he hit a deep fly ball that was caught, but it did advance Cudyer to the third base. That was when Brenda

The Downfall of the Cubs

The date is November 2, 2016. It is the 10th inning of a game that seemingly has gone on forever, but yet, no one can stop watching. The time is well past 11 PM. The score is 10-9 in the bottom of the 10th inning with 2 outs. Michael Martinez awaits the pitch from Mike Montgomery. The crowd is on their feet. Terry Francona, the Indians manager, looks on. He is the only one that looks calm, chewing rapidly on his bubble gum. Anthony Rizzo looks nervous, so does Kris Bryant. Mike Montgomery looks flustered. He pitches, and Michael Martinez makes contact, a slow roller down the 3rd base line. Kris Bryant fields the ball bare handed and throws it to Anthony Rizzo’s awaiting glove. Just like that

The Cubs: Rebuild or Reload?

It’s that time of year. Teams at this time of year have the option to rebuild or reload. For some teams it’s never rebuild, it’s reload. Examples include the Red Sox and the Yankees, teams that will have an endless budget. But then, there are average teams like the Cubs that will have to rebuild, even if the fans don’t like it. For the Cubs, it is such a difficult decision. On one hand, there is common sense. That tells you that fans won’t like it if they rebuild, especially if the Cubs got rid of Bryant, or Rizzo, or Baez. But on the other hand, there is also common sense and a cold truth. The Cubs will not win a World Series with this team. The sooner that they realize this, the happier th

The Rise From the Dead; The White Sox

"Wait until next year" is the phrase that White Sox fans have been using for the past 10 years. And in 2020, I’m pretty confident that it is next year. This is the year. This is our year. This is our time to shine. It’s 2008. The White Sox have just been eliminated from the playoffs after “The Blackout Game”, and the Sox are given a choice. Rebuild, or stay as they are. Although the decision seemed right at the time, it has affected the Sox, even 11 years later. They chose to stay as they were. And because of it, the White Sox haven’t made the playoffs since then Now it’s present day. On paper, this team works out. At 1B, Jose Abreu. At 2B Nick Madrigal, at 3B Yoan Moncada, and at SS Tim And

2020 Power Rankings

These are rankings going into 2020, and for 2020. 1. Yankees With Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres, and Giancarlo Stanton, this team could be dangerous. 2. Braves Ronald Acuna and Ozzie Albies, and then add Freddie Freeman. Look for all three to breakout. 3. Astros The scandal will hit hard, but Jose Altuve was good before the cheating too. 4. Twins Even though they play in a weak division, their pitching is unmatched in the AL Central. 5. Dodgers They have so much talent, but a change in manager is never easy. Cody Bellinger will have a big year. 6. Nationals The defending champs have Max Scherzer, Victors Robles, and Adam Eaton. What more do you need? 7. Athletics Playing in the AL isn’t easy.

2019/2020 MLB Power Rankings

These power rankings are based off of half 2019, half 2020. Full 2020 power rankings will come out tomorrow, and complete team previews within the next week. 1. Yankees 2. Nationals 3. Dodgers 4. Astros 5. Twins 6. Braves 7. Cardinals 8. Athletics 9. Red Sox 10. Rays 11. Mets 12. Indians 13. Brewers 14. Diamondbacks 15. Cubs 16. Phillies 17. Rangers 18. Giants 19. Reds 20. White Sox 21. Rockies 22. Pirates 23. Padres 24. Angels 25. Blue Jays 26. Mariners 27. Royals 28. Marlins 29. Orioles 30. Tigers

Moneyball 2.0: The Amazing Rays

We all remember Moneyball, and we all especially remember Billy Bene. What if I told you that it happened again? The Rays were coming into 2019 with a $68.98 million payroll, which was good for 26th in the MLB. Now, how could this be moneyball if the Rays aren’t last in the MLB in payroll? Well, this is how. In 2018 they were 28th in the MLB, and in 2017 28th also. How can this be Moneyball then? Well, Moneyball isn’t entirely descriptive of this team. This team uses lowly paid players, and they use them with a strategy. The most famous strategy is called The Opener. The opener is when a reliever starts out the game, goes 1 or 2 innings, and then the starter comes in for 6 or 7 innings. This

MLB: Bring Justice

Those darn Astros To every Astros player out there, I give you one message. Don’t deny it. And to every Astros fan, accept that your team cheated, and move out of that denial stage. Imagine this: You realize that your fellow employees are stealing money from the company, and they offer you a bribe to keep quiet. The average human being when given that scenario, will just say ‘I would turn them in.’ But really, how many would? From 2017-2019, a total of 85 batters batted for the Houston Astros, not counting duplicates. (I think that a new year means new beliefs, so that’s why. I gave them a chance to reform.) That means that as long as this scandal has been going on, in 3 different years, 85

Complete Scouting Report, The White Sox in 2020

This is a pamphlet complete with predictions, rosters, depth charts, scouting reports, and much more! The White Sox Rebuild It is Decmeber 6, 2016. You are in the Red Sox’s management/ conference room, and you receive a phone call from the Chicago White Sox. They propose a trade, Chris Sale for Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech, plus two others. Dave Dombrowski says one word, yes, and the whole room starts cheering. Chris Sale is a member of the Red Sox, and now the White Sox’s rebuild has officially started. It hasn’t been pretty. In 2017 the White Sox finished 67-95, with Jose Abreu and Avisail Garcia being keys to success. Pitching was a disaster, as no pitcher got above 7 wins. Leading the pa

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