The Day That Baseball Shut Down

The story of how COVID-19 shut down the game. It’s February 29th. Leap year. Bats are swung in batting cages. Pitches are thrown. Home runs are hit. It’s baseball. In just 26 short days, some of these players will be gearing up to play. And some of these players will be trying to get signed. That’s spring training. So far, COVID-19 isn’t a threat to shut down the MLB. Nobody has been infected in New York. The only hot spot is in the west coast. But all of those deaths came in a nursing home. Now let’s skip to March 12th. Just 12 days later. Baseball is shut down. No more bats are swung, no more pitches thrown. Only rumors tell whether baseball will come back soon. Now we know. This season wi


The MLB is expected to suspend the regular season due to the Coronavirus. They are expected to start the season at a later date. Spring training will also be cancelled. The WHO has just declared the Coronavirus a pandemic.


Jazz C Rudy Gobert has tested positive for the Coronavirus, and the NBA is suspending the regular season. That is all of the information available at this time. 8:50 Update Rudy Gobert is apparently feeling "strong enough to play" according to multiple sources.

MLB Today 3/9/2020

I work a lot with stats, and one thing that I have discovered is that people with a high OBP-BA generally have a lower batting average. Now I can see why that is, and you probably can too. But, if you look closer, you see that the doughnut hole isn’t a hole, but another doughnut. -Knives Out In my master spreadsheet that I am creating, I have done 15 teams. That’s half of the MLB. And I ran OBP-BA, which will be from now on be called OBA, through my computer, and I found that 20 players have an OBA > .100. Now of those 20, 10 had an AVG <.250. And of those 10, 8 had an AVG <.225. So we now go back to the main 20, and we can see that 40% of people with an OBA >.100 have an AVG <.225. in my ex

The Coronavirus and Baseball, Here's How the Virus can Affect the MLB, and a Coronavirus Update

Obviously nobody can ignore the coronavirus. It has taken the world by storm, and not in a pleasant way either. Over 3,500 people have died so far, and over 100,000 people have been infected. There has been over 500 cases in the USA. Of course it’s going to cause panic. But should we, and the MLB, panic? The epicenter of the epidemic is Wuhan, China. It originated at an illegal fish market, and it as now spread to 80 different countries. The NBA has taken precautions. So has the NHL. But the MLB, surprisingly, has not. The Japanese baseball league now does not allow fans in the stadiums. If that happened in the MLB, what would happen? Even I have to admit that baseball isn’t popular anymore.

Sizing Up the NL East

Standings: 1. Nationals 2. Braves 3. Mets 4. Phillies 5. Marlins Atlanta Braves 2019 Season: Record: 97-65 NL East Finish: 1stin NL East Playoffs: Lost in NLDS to Cardinals Catching-Tyler Flowers and Brian McCann split the time at catcher last year, and they both were mediocre hitters. Flowers is a good fielder, and so is McCann. McCann was cut, and the Braves signed Travis d’Arnaud. He’s an average hitter at best, and he’s an okay catcher. I imagine that McCann and d’Arnaud will split the time at catcher, and it’s hard to imagine otherwise. Infield-Freddie Freeman will lead the infield charge this year. He slashed .295/..389/.549 and he hit 38 home runs. He was an All-Star last year, and he

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