Is A Pitching Clock Necessary?

Pitching clocks are a way of keeping down the pace of play. As the MLB tries to speed up the game (and fails), it has implemented a lot of different tactics. The pitching clock is one of them. But do we need it? For the past few years in AA and AAA there already was a pitching clock. And minor league games go a lot faster than MLB games, but that could be for a lot of reasons. Lack of home runs is one while another reason is that they just play and move faster. The MLB has a pitch clock counting down, but there’s just no punishment. It seems that it is only a suggestion. Why take the time and money to implement something that not everyone is going to use? Personally I think that we should us

Should Players Bat Flip?

As long as anyone can remember, there has been an unwritten rule about bat flipping. It’s a huge no-no in baseball. So when Tim Anderson hit a home run off of Brad Keller and he bat flipped, Keller got to plunk him with a ball. But should players bat flip? The Tim Anderson bat flip was widely known around baseball. Both sides have a point. Keller plays by the unwritten rules, while Anderson wants to make the game fun. In this particular example, neither side is right nor is any side wrong. There’s just two different points on how to play the game. The widely known punishment for a bat flip is getting hit by pitch in the player’s next AB. This could lead to a bench clearing brawl, and in Ande

Should The MLB Season Have Fans?

I’ve covered if they will, who will, and how they will, but I haven’t covered if the MLB should have fans. So that’s the question that I’m going to be answering in this article — Should the MLB season have fans? As of the late in some places, COVID-19 cases are picking up. Places like Texas and Florida that reopened too soon are feeling the effects of opening prematurely. And at this point, 3 out of the 5 teams that are in consideration of fans are in Florida and Texas. This time the younger generation is getting most of the cases in Texas and Florida — so we have to look at the average person who watches a baseball game. That’s not an easy question, but I’ll try to take my best guesstimate.

Each Position Ranked By Quality Of Hitting

10. Pitchers This is the obvious pick here, and with a combined .322 OPS, pitchers just aren’t good at hitting. It’s not what they’re paid to do. 9. Catchers See my article on Why Catchers are Bad At Hitting 8. Second Baseman This surprised me a bit, but the more that you think about it the more it makes sense. Try to think about a great hitting 2B and don’t say Keston Hiura. 7. Center Fielders Another position that focuses mainly on defense, CF only had a combined .747 OPS. There are some obvious exceptions like, um, Mike Trout. 6. Shortstops This generation of SS is probably the most powerful that we’ve seen — although it’s not on par with some of the higher positions. 5. Designated Hitter

A Guide To All Things Fans And Stadiums (And How To Act)

Part 1: Will There Be Fans At All? Since the MLB won't tell teams not to have fans, it's still up in the air as to whether teams will bring in fans. And while there has been reason to believe that there will be fans (Jim Crane saying, "That's the plan"), there's also plenty of reason to believe that there won't be fans. Crane is the owner of the Astros -- a team in Texas -- where cases have been rising by 6,000 per day. Same goes with the Rangers -- although GM Jon Daniels was concerned about fans safety. But will there be fans? At this point there are 5 teams that are at least in consideration of having fans. Those teams are: White Sox Astros Rangers Cubs Marlins The Marlins are seeming mor

Which Player Will Play DH For Each National League Team?

The DH is coming to the National League! Teams that aren't built to accommodate a DH will now have to find a DH. Today we're going to be looking at the teams that are the most -- and least -- prepared for the DH coming to the National League. National League East Nationals: Howie Kendrick was a great player last year that can play multiple positions, but the Nationals are stacked when it comes to position players. He can finally find a home at Designated Hitter. Braves: In a crowded outfield with Ronald Acuna Jr, Marcell Ozuna, Austin Riley, and Nick Markakis, Ender Inciarte has no full time position. And that's too bad for Inciarte, who's a good hitter. Since Ozuna is dead average and Incia


The MLB is reportedly leaving it up to individual teams to decide if they want fans in the stands. Teams that have confirmed that they will very likely have fans in the stands include: Astros Rangers White Sox Teams that are considering it and might have fans this year include: Marlins Cubs At this point, everything is still up in the air. But let's take a closer look at the White Sox's shot of playing in front of fans: Illinois governor JB Pritzker announced that all Chicago teams could have fans at 20% capacity 670 The Score reported that the White Sox are making plans for fans Illinois's cases are decreasing The city of Chicago hasn't given clearance for the White Sox to play in front of

A Timeline Of Negotiations That Led Up To The 2020 Season

May 11: Owners propose 82 game season. May 21: MLBPA rejects the Owners' proposal May 26: Owners make financial proposal; Union "disappointed" May 31: MLBA Proposes 114 Game Season June 3: MLB Rejects MLBPA's proposal; won't make a counter offer June 8: MLB Proposes 76 Game Season June 9: MLBPA Proposes 89 Game Season June 12: Owners Propose 72 Game Season June 13: MLBPA Rejects Latest Offer, Says "Tell us when and where" June 17: Rob Manfred and Tony Clark Meet, Owners Make New 60 Game Proposal June 18: Players Want 70 Games June 19: MLB Won't Play More Than 60 Games June 21: MLBPA Set To Vote On 60 Game Proposal With Tweaks June 22: Players Vote No, Manfred To Impose Season June 23: MLB An

Will The 2020 Season Have Fans?

If I had asked this question at the end of March -- or for that matter even one week ago -- I would have answered no. Maybe there was a sliver of hope back then, but now it's more than a sliver of hope. It's a possibility. With the MLB returning in the COVID-19 pandemic, there obviously have to be health protocols. The MLB has found some -- and they're good for that matter -- but they say only one thing about fans in the whole 101 page document. If and when play resumes with fans, clubs must adhere to all requirements of the 2020 (Best Stadium Operating Practices) unless MLB specifically provides otherwise. This basically means that it could go either way. Otherwise this 101 page document ab

What To Know About The 2020 MLB Season

Finally! After weeks of failing negotiations, Rob Manfred finally used his power for good! We have an MLB baseball season! But obviously a lot of things will have to be different. Read below to find out. Universal Designated Hitter Some people won't take this well, put there will be a DH in the National League in 2020. This will strongly benefit teams like the Rockies who have players like Daniel Murphy or Ian Desmond. This could have been put into place because of the new schedule. It will be a 60 game season This is obvious, it's what the owners wanted so Rob Manfred gave it to them. The Schedule is going to be a lot different Obviously with concerns of COVID-19, teams want to do as little

Do Pitching Wins Matter?

One of the oldest stats in baseball history is the pitching win. As of late, it seems that people have stopped judging players solely based off of wins. But do wins really matter? I took every single qualified pitcher's W, L, ERA, and FIP from 2010-2019 and put it into a spreadsheet. (Everyone that is signed up to my mailing list will gain access) I then put the wins and ERA into 11 different charts (10 individual year and 1 2010-2019) and I looked at my results. Let's start in 2010. 2010 was famous for the Cy Young debate of whether Felix Hernandez, David Price, or CC Sabathia should win the Cy Young. Hernandez had only gotten 13 wins on a struggling Mariners team, but David Price had gotte

Was There A Sub 2 Hour Game in 2019?

There was a sub 2 hour game in 2019. That's obvious because of rain shortened games. Lucas Giolito almost threw a perfect game in 5 innings in a rain shortened game that took 1:31. But have there been sub 2 hour games that were regular games in 2019? On May 19, 2019, the Marlins beat the Mets 3-0. This might have been an ordinary game in a regular baseball fan's mind, but we're no regular baseball fans. You see, in a half empty stadium the game took 1:59. Let's discuss that. Games normally take 3 hours nowadays. Games used to take a lot shorter in 1946, as a regular game would finish in under 2 hours. This was due to a less leisurely pace that would make most modern pitchers sneaze, and less

What Happened To Chris Carter?

In 2016 Chris Carter led the National League with 41 HR. In 2017, Chris Carter played his last game in the major leagues. This is the shocking story of Chris Carter's decline. Vernon Christopher Carter was born on December 18, 1986 in Redwood City, California. He was drafted from high school to the Chicago White Sox in the 15th round of the 2005 MLB Draft. He played 3 solid years in the White Sox's organization before being traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Carlos Quentin. 11 days later he was traded to the A's in a huge trade. Being on 3 different teams in 12 days probably didn't help his nerves - or chances in the MLB - but he stuck with Oakland, making his debut in 2010. He played 2

Article Archive: 10/17 Newsletter

This is my newsletter about the White Sox from October 17, 2019! Enjoy! Hello all, and today is a surprise release. I am planning to study the White Sox in the offseason, so here is a sneak preview. A Special Edition Today: White Sox Can Turn a Corner in 2020 It’s been 11 long years that the White Sox have missed the playoffs. Next year it ends. On paper it is perfect. You have all of the pieces you need to create a successful. Just follow the following chart. Jose Abreu 1B Even though he is a free agent for the upcoming year, this star first baseman won’t be going anywhere. He joked to the press that he would sign himself. But on to the stats. He led the American League in RBI’s and the AL

The Story On How Addison Russell Is Still Somehow Playing Baseball

Addison Russell has grown to be one of the most hated baseball players in history next to Ty Cobb. Facing suspensions, domestic violence charges, and hate, Russell was non tendered in his contract, meaning that he would not return to the Cubs for 2020. This is the Addison Russell story, and his unlikely comeback, explained. Addison Russell was drafted by the A's in the 2012 MLB Draft out of high school. He signed, and spent 3 years in the A's organization before being traded to the Cubs with Billy McKinney, Dan Straily, and cash for Jason Hammel and Jeff Samardzija. Russell made his major league debut in 2015, when he slashed .242/.307/.389 with 13 HR. Believe it or not, this was a lot like


An ugly battle between the players and the owners got worse today as the owners said that they would not play more than 60 games. This is a huge loss for baseball fans of all sorts including the league itself. Hopefully the owners will realize how stupid they are being and just let the players play more games. If they play 65 games, I can say that I called it.


Theo Epstein (President of baseball operations for the Cubs) and Jed Hoyer (GM of the Cubs) did an interview at a forum that I was at. Below is the complete interview. Enjoy! How have you been holding up with the last few months? Jed Hoyer: Super proud, super impressed. About how these guys have worked. We had to do the draft remotely, so it was pretty strange. There were glitches. Pro scouting is a grinding way of recreating baseball games virtually. Our staff has been amazing. At this point we just want baseball-every person that works in the game feels the same. We just want to play. Theo: We’ve all gotten a chance to spend time with our families-it’s a treat. Two, we’ve spent a lot of ti

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