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I may have promised a bit too much at the beginning of the season. I realized that I put myself at such a difficult task that left me little time to actually enjoy baseball. I realized that this website isn't about News, it's my blog. So with that here's what's going to change: - I will not post daily updates - I will post weekly updates with just about everything I promised - I will release one to two other baseball articles per week - I will make a recommitment to My Personal Blog Thank you for understanding!

MLB To Have Expanded Playoffs

The MLB will have a 16 team playoff for the upcoming baseball season. The top 2 finishers in every division plus two wild card teams will make the playoffs. Check back next week for my playoff predictions with this expanded playoffs!

Opening Day Games Preview

Game of the Day Yankees vs Nationals Keys for the Yankees: Get the power bats going early. This will make it so that the Nationals' pitching staff can't get going early. That's going to be key if the Yankees want to overcome Scherzer and the Nationals. Gerrit Cole NEEDS to do well, even with Juan Soto out with COVID-19. The Nationals' lineup still has a LOT of threats such as Howie Kendrick. Keys for the Nationals: Make up for Juan Soto's lost production. He's not going to be able to carry them as he was expected to do, but the Nationals NEED to fill the void that he created in LF. This could involve getting both Adam Eaton and Victor Robles going, but regardless the Nationals need that prod

2020 Preseason Predictions

Before I get into the article, I just want to let you know that Baseball News Now is back for good for the 2020 baseball season! Playoff Predictions Of course, before every season you ALWAYS have to pick who you think will win the playoffs! Here's my picks! Let me know your picks my commenting! The Bubble (Which teams are the closest to being in the playoffs that aren't and which teams that are in the playoffs that are on the brink of getting knocked out): Cubs, Phillies, Cardinals, Brewers, Mets, Diamondbacks This bubble has a LOT of teams in contention. Coming in on the low side of the bubble are going to be the Cubs, Phillies, and Brewers. All of these teams have big, obvious question mar

What's To Come From Baseball News Now For The 2020 Baseball Season

I know that I've taken a bit of a hiatus writing articles, but that is only because I have been forming ideas and plans on what I will do with Baseball News Now this season! This includes content, features, and more! Read below to find out: Baseball News Now Plus. This might only release with player stats, but it still has over 900 players' stats! Weekly standings. I will update standings weekly in an article. Daily predictions and recaps. I will choose a "Game of the Day" and predict it, plus the backup "Game of the Day". I will also write one line about each game as a tiny little preview of that game. I will also write the day's scores, as well as keep a tally of my predictions! We will ha

Desean Jackson's Post Is Unacceptable

In light of recent events, I have decided to write a post explaining why Desean Jackson's post was unacceptable. In general, no human being on earth should ever target another community. As I walk out into the streets of my city, I see panicked people. I see people worried about COVID-19. I see people worried about other things, that other humans could not possibly feel the pain. But even though you can't see it on someone's face, humans are always scared of being discriminated against. We are afraid or being ganged up on, cornered, ridiculed. No one should ever have to feel this way. The only reason that people feel this way is people it exists. Hate exists in our communities. Sadly, it's e


Sometimes a player is so good at offense that they let it slide at defense. That is the case for these 10 players, as we rank the top 10 worst defenders in 2019. Note: DRATING, or Defensive Rating, is a defensive measurement stat on where 0 is league average, -15 is horrible, and 15 is elite. 10. Trey Mancini Although I never mentioned it on my website, Mancini announced in April that he had Cancer. My thoughts and prayers -- as well as everyone else on Baseball News Now -- are with you, Trey. That being said, he wasn't a very good defender with a -13.4 DRATING. 9. Luke Voit He's a solid offensive producer for the Yankees, but his defense is just so horrible. A -13.6 Defensive

A Look Back At The 2013 NL Wild Card Game

It's chaos in PNC Park where the Reds play the Pirates in the 2013 NL Wild Card Game. As Russell Martin stepped up to the plate in the Bottom of the Second, the Marlon Byrd HR that had just happened 2 plays ago was on everyone's mind. On a 1-1 count, Johnny Cueto, the starting pitcher for the Reds, threw a ball. That's when the Pirates fans -- who are known for being annoying, obnoxious, and very, very loud -- decided to chant, "CUETO! CUETO! CUETO!". This was obviously getting under Johnny Cueto's skin, but he tried -- and failed -- to not let the Pirates fans see it. But he was obviously flustered, and as he was trying to find his grip on the baseball, he dropped it. The Pirates fans saw t

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