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The Baseball News Now Podcast is now up on multiple sources! Keep reading to find out where you can listen to the BNN Podcast, plus more details! Where You Can Listen As of right now, it is only on 3 websites: -Podbean ( This website hosts my podcast. I highly recommend it if you want to start your own podcast (free option). -Spotify ( This is the main source to listen to my podcast. I LOVE Spotify! -Directly from the website! ( This is a guaranteed ad-free source to listen to the podcast (I don't know about Podbean & Spotify is ad-free if you have Spotify Premium). This is the be

Baseball News Now Podcast Officially Announced, Plus FAQs

I know that I have told some people about a possible podcast, but I am here today to tell you about it in depth. The Baseball News Now Podcast will be a weekly podcast usually released on Fridays, although my inaugural episode may be released on a different day. I may miss a few weeks due to real life but for the most part I will try to stay active. I actually have recorded a few episodes back in April, but the sound quality is TERRIBLE because I recorded them on my phone through the Voice Memos app. I did have one of them up on my website for about a week before I determined that the quality of sound was too bad even for me to listen to, so I took it down. If you want to see them come back


With all of the past events in mind, I have to voice by support for Trevor Bauer and Joe Kelly. Joe Kelly was unfairly suspended for 8 games (later reduced to 5) for enforcing the rules of life. The Astros cheated and they walked away almost scot free. Let's take a closer look at the Joe Kelly - Astros incident. Before we get into it, let's put a bit of context on the story. In 2017 the Astros cheated by stealing their opponents pitching signs, therefore knowing what pitch was coming. They benefited so much by that cheating that they made it to the World Series, cheated, and won. Their opponent? The Dodgers. The Astros were punished so lightly that some players have made it their personal go

Weekly Wrap Up: Sprint To The Finish With No Finish Line?

When we first heard that there was going to be a baseball season, what was the first thing that came to mind? It was joy for me. But after that, once the frosting fell off what did the cake look like? Danger. Playing during a pandemic is not only challenging, but it requires for everyone to be in sync, following rules, and not getting COVID-19. When you see guys like Miles Mikolas going out and getting his team sick, I just feel sick to my stomach. As mentioned in tons of studies, sports keep people sane. I am sure that is the case for many people reading. When you see people going out and risking the season for everyone else, risking contracts for everyone else, and risking SANITY for every

Weekly Wrap Up: Will The Season Survive?

It has been a rough start for major league baseball. Questions like "Will they finish the season" and "Is this safe" are becoming more and more common around the baseball world. With outbreaks on three teams, the question today is "Will the season survive?". But first, how bad is the outbreak? 18 Marlins players have tested positive, along with 2 Phillies clubhouse members and 4 Cardinals players. It's not all that bad, though. Although most teams have had someone test positive, it's not everyone. Plus with a 60 man Taxi Squad, these players are replaceable. But with COVID-19 mounting around the country, the questions has to be asked. Is it worth it? And while I think that I would give my bi

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