Final Playoff Predictions Plus Key Games

We still have some craziness out in front of us. Even though all of the spots are clinched in the American League, there is still some things yet to be played out. For example, the AL Central. The last time that I published an article, the White Sox were 3 games ahead. Now they're 1 game back. That could change tonight, as we could be facing a 3 way tie at the end of the season. Let's take a look at that, plus other scenarios that could unfold in the AL Central: Scenario 1: Twins win division This seems to be the most likely scenario. They have 2 games against the Reds at home. If they win both games against the Reds, it's an automatic bid. If they win 1 and the Indians and White Sox both lo

September 20 Playoff Predictions

We have 8 days until the end of the season. There are 4 spots already clinched, leaving 12 remaining spots to be taken. I define "in contention" by > 5% chance as rated by According to that metric, there are 16 teams fighting for those 12 spots. It's going to be crazy. The division winners are just about set, with these teams winning their divisions: • Braves (NL East) • Cubs (NL Central) • Dodgers (NL West) • Rays (AL East) • White Sox (AL Central) • Athletics (AL West) The only division that might flip is the AL Central, with the Twins being 3 games back from the White Sox. However, this seems ever unlikely as the White Sox have 8 games left and the Twins have 6 gam

Will Pitchers Ever Hit Again?

When we heard that the MLB would be implementing a universal DH rule, we all started to wonder if pitchers would ever hit again. The obvious answer that comes to your head is no if you think that this rule will stay, but let's look a bit closer. Will this rule stay? This is a key factor. I don't want to give any guarantees, but I do think that it won't stay. That would solve this question pretty quickly. If it does stay, will they ever hit again? Yes. There are so many scenarios that could arise to make a pitcher hit again. There are some really good hitting pitchers -- take Michael Lorenzen or Shohei Ohtani for example -- who could bat as pinch hitters. In 2016 Madison Bumgarner batted for

Baseball News Now History, Statistics, and More

When I started Baseball News Now on December 1, 2019, I had no idea that we were going to get this far. It was a long Sunday. But to know how Baseball News Now came to be where it is, let's look at what happened before there was a website: Late September I wrote my first article about the Downfall of The Cubs. Link September 29 I release a newsletter. I would do this every day until October 4th. The next time that I would release my newsletter would be October 14, and then after that October 17. November 12-30 I would write two articles, each on the Astros scandal. December 1 At about 1:00 PM, I think to myself "What if I start a website?". I had no clue how the hell I was going to start a w

Baseball News Now Podcast Episode 3 Postponed Plus Article Plan For The Next Week

It's been too long. It's been wayyyyy too long. I would really like to release more content on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I am very sorry that that hasn't happened -- yet. I plan to release a LOT of baseball content in the next month. Whether it's weekly wrap ups, the podcast, spreadsheets, or anything else that I may do, it's going to be a lot. As we prepare for the final stretch of the baseball season, here's what I plan to do weekly: • 3-4 articles (including weekly wrap up) • Weekly Wrap Up • One podcast episode • One "surprise" (spreadsheet, feature, whatever really) I am also happy to announce that I will be doing A LOT to market the website as we near the World Series. I am n

Episode Two Of The BNN Podcast Now Released!

It was released on Sunday but I didn’t write about it until now. Where to listen: Spotify Podbean BNN Podcast Section In the Podcast, I covered: Trade Deadline Grades Team Scouting Reports MLB Standings Playoff Predictions Thanks for listening!


As I looked at the news, I could now believe my eyes. It was right there. It says "Legendary Pitcher, Tom Seaver, Dies At 75". Even though I have never personally seen him pitch, a quick look at his baseball-reference page will tell you that he is a living legend. Not just a legend. A superhero that plays baseball. He didn't just play baseball. He loved what he did. He always did it well. Click on this link to find one of his last public appearances. He was diagnosed with Dementia on March 7, 2019 and this appearance went live on YouTube just 2 days after. In total, he played for the Mets, Reds, White Sox, and Red Sox. He had a 2.21 ERA and 25 Wins to lead the Miracle Mets to a World Series

Baseball News Now Podcast Partners With A Twelve Year Old's View On The World

Baseball News Now Podcast has OFFICIALLY partnered with a new podcast called "A Twelve Year Old's View On The World". I am so proud to announce this because this podcast is AMAZING. It only has one episode, but it makes me want to listen to it on repeat. What is this podcast? What's it about? This is a podcast where a 12 year old talks about news, politics, sports, and anything else that pops into his head! This is not in any way affiliated with My Personal Blog, just putting that out there. There's going to be episodes 3 times a week, which means pretty much every other day you can listen to a new episode! Now, where can you listen? I'm going to recommend that you listen on Here'

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