2020 Power Rankings

1. Dodgers-A good team just got even better with the addition of Betts and Price.

2. Yankees-The Yankees added Gerrit Cole, and Aaron Judge will be healthy in 2020.

3. Astros-A new manager will hurt a little, but Alex Bregman is on the Astros.

4. Rays-They always find a way to get better. Austin Meadows is just, good.

5. Twins-The addition of Josh Donaldson helps a lot. That, and the bats were amazing in '19

6. Nationals-The reigning champs will likely take hold of the NL East, even missing Rendon.

7. A's-Look for a good season out of Sean Manaea. A's will be in contention.

8. Reds-The offseason additions have been great, and Castellanos can hit.

9. Braves-Losing Josh Donaldson is tough, but Acuna Jr and Soroka can play.

10. White Sox-It looks like they have an ace in Lucas Giolito, and the hitters can hit.

11. Indians-Losing Kluber and Bauer is going to hurt the Indians. But, maybe a sleeper.

12. Diamondbacks-This will be the year of Kevin Cron. He's amazing, look at his '19 AAA.

13. Brewers-Christian Yelich will dominate on a team that only gets hot in September.

14. Cardinals-I don't have anything against them, but other teams are just better.

15. Mets-Look for a strong rebound out of this team. Syndergaard got unlucky last year.

16. Red Sox-Losing Mookie Betts is going to hurt bad. Chris Sale is out for the year.

17. Cubs-I hate ranking them this low, but other teams are just better.

18. Angels-Look for success in 2021. Jo Adell might not come up in 2020.

19. Rangers-A healthy Joey Gallo will help, but they have to play the Astros. Game over.

20. Phillies-This team just doesn't get any better. Bryce Harper can't carry a team.

21. Padres-Manny Machado will rebound, and Tatis Jr will play a full year.

22. Blue Jays-See my "The Blue Jays have Something Special" series.

23. Rockies-They can hit, but they can't pitch. Hitting will have to carry the team in 2020.

24. Giants-Their roster doesn't have talent, but they over preform every year.

25. Pirates-Josh Bell can rake. That Chris Archer trade doesn't look so good now.

26. Mariners-The rebuild is still happening. Kyle Seager will look to carry the team.

27. Royals-Adalberto Mondesi is fast. Whit Merrifield is good. The pitching is very bad.

28. Marlins-Isan Diaz under preformed last year. He'll break out in 2020.

29. Orioles-Not having Trey Mancini is going to hurt a lot. John Means will still be good.

30. Tigers-See my "Just How Bad Were the 2019 Tigers?" The new additions will help, though.


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