A Look Back At The 2013 NL Wild Card Game

It's chaos in PNC Park where the Reds play the Pirates in the 2013 NL Wild Card Game. As Russell Martin stepped up to the plate in the Bottom of the Second, the Marlon Byrd HR that had just happened 2 plays ago was on everyone's mind. On a 1-1 count, Johnny Cueto, the starting pitcher for the Reds, threw a ball.

That's when the Pirates fans -- who are known for being annoying, obnoxious, and very, very loud -- decided to chant, "CUETO! CUETO! CUETO!". This was obviously getting under Johnny Cueto's skin, but he tried -- and failed -- to not let the Pirates fans see it. But he was obviously flustered, and as he was trying to find his grip on the baseball, he dropped it.

The Pirates fans saw this and then celebrated the fact that they had obviously flustered Johnny Cueto. Cueto saw this and became even more flustered as the Pirates fans taunted and ridiculed him, still chanting, "CUETO! CUETO! CUETO!". And they weren't in any hurry as they chanted it slowly and methodically as they waved their flags.

Cueto picked up the ball, took a deep breath, and then nodded at the pitch. Meanwhile, the announcers were hopping onto the Pirates bandwagon as they knew -- as did everyone else in the stadium -- what was about to happen.

Johnny Cueto kicked back and threw a meatball right over the plate which Russell Martin absolutely demolished. The Pirates celebrated their magic as Johnny Cueto got even more flustered. Cueto shook his head, wiped the sweat off of his face, and then took one look at the crowd. Even though he never confirmed it, you knew that he was thinking, "Maybe I should just retire so these ****ing Pirates fans will shut up.". Unfortunately for Cueto he didn't retire, and he was blown up and taken out early.

The Pirates ended up winning 6-2, with Cueto's Reds going home.


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