A Timeline Of Negotiations That Led Up To The 2020 Season

May 11: Owners propose 82 game season.

May 21: MLBPA rejects the Owners' proposal

May 26: Owners make financial proposal; Union "disappointed"

May 31: MLBA Proposes 114 Game Season

June 3: MLB Rejects MLBPA's proposal; won't make a counter offer

June 8: MLB Proposes 76 Game Season

June 9: MLBPA Proposes 89 Game Season

June 12: Owners Propose 72 Game Season

June 13: MLBPA Rejects Latest Offer, Says "Tell us when and where"

June 17: Rob Manfred and Tony Clark Meet, Owners Make New 60 Game Proposal

June 18: Players Want 70 Games

June 19: MLB Won't Play More Than 60 Games

June 21: MLBPA Set To Vote On 60 Game Proposal With Tweaks

June 22: Players Vote No, Manfred To Impose Season

June 23: MLB Announces 60 Game Season

June 23: Players Agree To Report

June 23: Health Protocols Are Set



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