An Introduction to the Stats I Use

When I write about baseball, I often use a wide variety of stats. But, some people might not know what these stats are. So below I'll make a list defining every stat that I might use.

AVG: Batting Average measures how often you get on base by a hit

OBP: On Base Percentage measures how often you get on base

SLG: Slugging measures your power

OPS: On base plus slugging measures a player's net worth batting

RBI: Runs batted in shows how many runs that the player has hit or walked home

1B: Singles

2B: Doubles

3B: Triples

HR: Home run

R: Runs Scored

PA: How many times the player has gone up to hit that ended in a result

OPS+: Adjusts OPS to a stat where 100 is league average. Ex: 115 OPS+ means 15% above average

wRC+: Adjusts for weighted runs created; shows a player's offensive production where 100 is league average

Slashline: AVG/OBP/SLG


W: Wins

L: Losses

ERA: Earned run average; how many earned runs a pitcher gives up per 9 innings

FIP: ERA except fielding is taken out

xFIP: Stacast stat; expected FIP

WHIP: Walks Plus Hits per Innings Pitched

G: Games pitched

IP: Innings Pitched

H: Hits allowed

R: Runs allowed

ER: Earned runs allowed

BB: Bases on balls; walks

SV: Saves

BS: Blown saves


FPCT: Fielding percent

E: Errors

A: Assists

PO: Put Outs

FDEF: Fangraphs total defense


SB: Stolen Bases

CS: Caught Stealing

If you have any questions about other stats I may use, leave a comment on one of my articles and I'll find you there. Thanks!

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