Andrew McCutchen's Take On The Negotiations Between The MLBPA and The Owners

A hilarious clip was released today on the ESPN app that showed Andrew McCutchen and his son acting out the negotiations through the form of juice. It went a little something like this:

Andrew McCutchen: I'll get you some juice.

Son: Yay! Yay! Juice!

Andrew McCutchen: Alright buddy, here's your water.

Son: No! I want juice!

Andrew McCutchen: How about water in this cup?

Son: No, juice!

Andrew McCutchen: I know we agreed on juice, but what about water?

Andrew McCutchen: What about in a bottle?

Son: No, juice!

Andrew McCutchen: What about water in a coffee mug? You love your coffee mugs.

Son: No, juice!

Andrew McCutchen: Look, it doesn't matter that we agreed on juice. I'm your dad, and you're drinking water. Now either you drink this water, or you don't get anything at all. Who's thirsty?

I thought that this was kind of funny. I hope that you got a kick out of it as well.


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