Baseball News Now Plus To Be Discontinued; Moved Starting January 1, 2021

Baseball News Now Plus was announced back in January of last year, and it took me forever to complete it. At first I was doing the entries by hand and then I found a few shortcuts, but nevertheless I can’t justify all of that work for little gain/reward.

The BNN+ as you know it now will move to the “Archives” section starting January 1, 2021. The archives section will also feature my podcast (unless I do an episode between now and then), Baseball News Now Today, and some other products that I have done over the past year.

Does this mean that it’s the end of BNN Spreadsheets? Probably not. I don’t want to commit to something that I can’t do so I will be honest: I might not do another spreadsheet. However, the likely scenario is that I do a yearly spreadsheet with my created stats and such.

Thanks for reading and understanding.


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