Here's What The Latest Negotiations Mean

Yesterday, ESPN reported on the latest proposal between the MLBPA and the Owners. Here's what it means.

Rob Manfred Flew Out to Arizona to Meet with MLB Leader Tony Clark

This one speaks for itself. The head of the owners met with the head of the players in Clark's home in Arizona. The two had a civil conversation for about 4 hours before Manfred returned from Arizona.

The Players Would Be Getting Their Full Prorated Salaries

For 60 games, the players would be getting 37% of their full salaries. The owners ended up coughing up the money, although there was a catch:

The Players Would Be Getting Their Same Salaries As The Owners' 72 Game Proposal

The players would be getting $1.5 billion in total, but they would be getting the same amount if they had accepted the owners' 72 game offer which was 5 days ago. This likely will result in:

The Players Will Likely Reject The Proposal

They know that they can get more games-and money-out of the owners.

This will likely result in a 65 game season.

Thank you, and remember to check back later today at 8 PM CT for an interview with Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer!


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