Here's Why Sabermetrics Matter

Sabermetrics are the more advanced baseball stats. They help you see baseball in a away that you wouldn't if you didn't have sabermetrics. In short, they help baseball, and this is why.

Basic counting stats are annoying. Since when have RBIs mattered? With BABIP, you can see if a hitter got lucky or not. With FIP, you can see if a pitcher got lucky or not. With regular counting and rate stats can you see if a player got lucky? No.

wOBA is an amazing way to combine AVG and OBP. Obviously a single is better than a walk, and wOBA takes that into account.

In short, sabermetrics help you judge players better. Above were some stats that can measure different things, and I just used them to show examples. Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed!


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