How Offensive Stratgies Have Changed Over The Years

It's no secret that strategies have changed. Not just on offense, but around all of the game. Teams used to score a lot less runs, so things like stealing bases helped teams. Read below to find out how strategies have changed through the years.

In early baseball, something called "Small Ball" was created. It relied on bunts to advance players, and stealing lots of bases even if you were a slow player. While teams don't use small ball now, it was a good way to score runs when home runs were rare.

Once Babe Ruth came along, teams started the shift to the mentality that home runs were a convinient way to score runs. But teams still hadn't fully moved out of Small Ball, as bunting and sacrifices were still very common.

This has changed throughout the years, as teams have started to recognize that home runs are nothing to be scared of.

But even today, sacrifices are still made. Sacrifice flies are common, but bunting is less common.


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