How To Listen to the BNN Podcast

The Baseball News Now Podcast is now up on multiple sources! Keep reading to find out where you can listen to the BNN Podcast, plus more details!

Where You Can Listen

As of right now, it is only on 3 websites:

-Podbean ( This website hosts my podcast. I highly recommend it if you want to start your own podcast (free option).

-Spotify ( This is the main source to listen to my podcast. I LOVE Spotify!

-Directly from the website! ( This is a guaranteed ad-free source to listen to the podcast (I don't know about Podbean & Spotify is ad-free if you have Spotify Premium). This is the best way to listen in my opinion.

Will it come to X service?

Hopefully. I am exploring every option, and hope to have it on iTunes soon. From there, we'll see what other services seem like good options.

How long will the episodes be?

The first one is 51 minutes; it will likely average around 35 minutes per episode.

Are the episodes scripted? And if so, will you release the scripts?

Yes! They are scripted. I do improvise a lot to make it sound better and less scripted. I am considering releasing the scripts as a part of Baseball News Now Plus, but please note that they will not completely match the podcast. This is because of grammatical errors and updated information.

Do you take recommendations for episode topics?

Yes! Reach out to me at

What's your plan with the blog?

I hope to have new articles up daily or every other day. I also hope to have weekly updates on the season, in addition to the podcast.

Thank you for reading!


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