Is A Pitching Clock Necessary?

Pitching clocks are a way of keeping down the pace of play. As the MLB tries to speed up the game (and fails), it has implemented a lot of different tactics. The pitching clock is one of them. But do we need it?

For the past few years in AA and AAA there already was a pitching clock. And minor league games go a lot faster than MLB games, but that could be for a lot of reasons. Lack of home runs is one while another reason is that they just play and move faster.

The MLB has a pitch clock counting down, but there’s just no punishment. It seems that it is only a suggestion. Why take the time and money to implement something that not everyone is going to use?

Personally I think that we should use the pitch clock with punishments like fines. I have said multiple times in the past that baseball is slow, and this is a good way to speed it up.

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