Joe Mauer Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

Joseph Patrick Mauer belongs in the Hall of Fame. It's simple. He was one of the best hitting catchers and fielding catcher of all time. If you disagree with me, you're about to get proven wrong.

In 2009, Joe Mauer was the best hitter in the league. He had the highest OPS, OPS+, OBP, and AVG. He also won the Gold Glove at catcher. That was the second straight year that he had won the Gold Glove and the Silver Slugger award. In 2010, he did it again. He won both the Gold Glove and the Silver Slugger.

As mentioned in my "Why Catchers are So Bad At Hitting" article, it's tough to be a good hitting catcher. But to be the league's best hitter and the best fielding catcher? That doesn't happen.

Joe Mauer never hit too many HR. In his 15 year career, he only hit 143 HR. But he could walk. That was Mauer's specialty, his secret sauce. In fact, in that 3 year stretch from 2008-2010, Mauer walked 225 times and only struck out 166 times.

He did transition to 1B later on in his career, but that was only because catching takes a toll on your body. But his career was far from over. He was still a quality hitter in every year that he played baseball.

Mauer had a career 55.3 WAR, but that doesn't show how dominant he was in his prime. He put up an OBP of .444, he won the batting title 3 times, the gold glove award 3 times, the silver slugger award 5 times, he made 6 all-star teams, and he won an MVP.

Joe Mauer belongs in the Hall Of Fame.


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