My Plans for the Website Going Forward

I see a lot of visions for this website going forward, but now I am going to start balancing out with articles and advanced scouting reports. So, for example, if you were to watch the game on TV, what to watch out of players, and ask yourself the questions that are provided. Sort of like a do-it-at-home-scout-guide. I have found that I will never get the news out first, as I have no reporters. So I am going to turn my focus to analysis and scouting. Due to this change, I might not post anything for a while, but I will give access to my spreadsheet (every player’s stats). Thank you.


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The plan includes a 76 game season that ends on September 27. The players would take 75% prorated salaries. Whether the players will accept this or not, we don't know, but it will be interesting to wa

Each Position's Primary Focus

Each position will have rankings on focus in power, arm, speed, fielding, and hitting. C: Fielding Arm Hitting Power Speed 1B: Power Hitting Fielding Speed Arm 2B: Hitting Fielding Power Arm Speed 3B:

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