The MLB is reportedly leaving it up to individual teams to decide if they want fans in the stands. Teams that have confirmed that they will very likely have fans in the stands include:

  • Astros

  • Rangers

  • White Sox

Teams that are considering it and might have fans this year include:

  • Marlins

  • Cubs

At this point, everything is still up in the air. But let's take a closer look at the White Sox's shot of playing in front of fans:

  • Illinois governor JB Pritzker announced that all Chicago teams could have fans at 20% capacity

  • 670 The Score reported that the White Sox are making plans for fans

  • Illinois's cases are decreasing

  • The city of Chicago hasn't given clearance for the White Sox to play in front of fans

At this point, it looks like some teams will have fans in the stands, like the Astros or Rangers, some teams are likely to have fans in the stands, like the White Sox, and everything else is still up in the air. I hope that it is safe to go to a baseball game, as long as parks remain socially distanced, clean, and have obvious protocols in place.

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