The Tropical Baseball League: Baseball Reimagined

Imagine this: baseball in paradise. Palm trees everywhere. $9.99 tickets. Free food (only the highest quality food, of course). The greatest jerseys imaginable.

Would you like a league like that? Take out the hotel charges and the plane ticket. Would you like a league like the Tropical League?

For about a month now, in OOTP Baseball 21, I have been playing with a fictional league titled the "Tropical Baseball League". The TBL is a 16 team, 2 conferences league centered in Hawaii and the surrounding islands. Let me walk you through the setup of the league.

The conferences would be the Beach League and the Pool League. The Beach League would house all of the teams from Hawaii, while the Pool League would house all of the teams from the surrounding islands. It's all tropical sounding team names, logos, stadiums, uniforms, etc etc.

The TBL also houses some unique rules. For example, all tickets are $9.99 per person (kids 0-5 get in free) and the food is also free. So, how could a league like this survive without going under (let's pretend for the sake of argument that this league could go under)? There are big donors who spend lots and lots of money for their company to be featured on different uniforms, thus paying the team and the league who gets 15%.

Would you be interested in me publishing articles on the TBL? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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