What Is A Deal That Would Make Both the Owners and The MLBPA Happy?

As of late, both sides have been going back and forth of deals to resume the season. It's really a hassle to follow this conversation over and over again:

Owners: Can you just cut your salaries a little extra?

Players: No.

Players: Can you pay us our full salaries?

Owners: No.

Owners: Alright, NOW will you cut your salaries a little extra?

Players: Ugh, no.

Players: Alright, NOW will you pay us our full salaries?

Owners: Ugh, no.

These deals are just being repeated in different forms. But what is a deal that would make both sides happy?

Honestly, the more I think about it, the more I realize that the players aren't going to budge an inch. In the end, the owners are going to have to cough up the money. And I'm not saying that the owners are wrong, it's just the players aren't going to play if they don't get their way.

With that being said, a deal that could work is:

  • 72 games

  • Full salaries

  • Extended playoffs

Oh wait, that's the deal that the owners just proposed except for the salaries part. The owners want to pay the players like they will be playing 50 games.

So we just go through the conversation again. The MLS is returning, the NBA is returning, please just reach a deal MLB. I beg.


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