What is the Least Number of Games that Would Constitute a Real Season?

With the 2020 season in question, a solution that would satisfy all parties seems nearly impossible. That being said, a return to baseball in 2020 is not impossible. An ideal season for both parties to agree on would be a shorter season, and today we're going to look at what the least number of games could be that would constitute a real season.

Obviously, the MLB implements a 162 games regular season for a reason. A small sample size just won't cut it when it comes to baseball. Even a 81 game season won't cut it. With that being said, a smaller number of games could make up a real season.

Let's take a 65 game season. If 2019 were to implement a 65 game season, we would be looking at a slightly changed MLB. I looked at every team's schedule, and looked at their record in their first 65 games of the year. Some of it was surprising, but most of it was as expected. In general, if the team is good in a 162 game schedule, they're good in a 65 game schedule.

I will post the complete standings in the MLB Standings/Wildcard tab soon.

The American league standings almost matched up to the real AL standings, with every division winner taking the crown again, and the Rays making the wild card again. The only surprise was the rangers, who swooped in and took the 2nd AL Wild Card spot. The Red Sox were at a close third in the wild card race, finishing only 1 GB. The playoffs would've likely remained the same, as the Rays would've likely beaten the Rangers.

Although the American League standings matched up well with the 162 game season, the National League was a different story. Our 2019 MLB Champions finished with a losing record at 30-35! We would've seen 2 different teams in the playoffs, which were the Cubs and the Phillies. The Cubs just got downright unlucky in the 2019 season, so it wasn't a surprise. But to not have the 2019 champions in the playoffs will hurt any 65 game season.

The 65 game schedule matched up pretty well with real life, but in my opinion, randomness would've kicked into effect if we got rid of even 5 games. Because of this, I think that a 65 game season would be a great season for both parties.

On a side note, Baseball News Now Plus's spreadsheet will be out at the beginning of baseball season! Give or take a week or so, but it will be out by the 2020 MLB Opening Day!


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